security problems with Internet sites booking tickets online


Internet a quiet revolution in the world. This is done easily and fast execution of tasks, which makes us highly dependent on it for virtually every aspect of our lives. One of the early revolution in the banking industry, after which the official ticketing service occurred after the US military announced the project ARPANET and allowed universities and enterprises take advantage of this wonderful technology.

Interestingly, the computer & # 39; computer software and botany create primitive ticketing web system with the Java language, which many consider the language of the Internet. They do it for their academic projects in schools and colleges, and these applications are small in relation to the commercial versions. At the same time, it discussed the matter, to make the reader to learn about the popularity of these applications for booking tickets online.

Now, most importantly, online ticketing and reservation systems Hotels often provide an opportunity to pay the required amount on the Internet is called a bank transfer to the ordinary man's language. These sites use other plug-ins via the API, which is about the & # 39; combined database of their website with a computer & # 39; a bank of computer systems and servers across the network device, a specific software called payment gateway.

As a rule, these payment gateways & # 39 is extremely safe conditions, which use algorithms Secured Socket Layer, or SSL, which can be 64-bit or 128-bit encryption algorithm based on the requirements. 128-bit algorithms, the SSL – it is the most secure algorithms deployed in the public domain to ensure that confidential information transmission and encryption environment with a very safe process, which is extremely difficult to crack today's standards.

The problem, rather, is the gap that the internal data storage mechanisms, placed tickets booking sites by third parties. Sometimes, in order to reduce the costs associated with the maintenance of high standards of safety, these websites do not take sufficient measures to ensure the security of information related to payments on their servers. Perhaps also the fact that the server administrator or database insufficiently informed to ensure the deployment of strict security measures.

It may happen that, in spite of the fact that because of your bank transfer system is no security breach, security gaps may exist on your own site hotel or airline. If their servers hacked and the data is properly extracted any expert hacker, all of your data related to a financial transaction, including your credit card details, will be in front of a hacker.

A hacker can simply download or copy the information in some other own system and use the same for unauthorized transactions and transfer of funds. While banks use two-layer test methods to mitigate such fraud, this process is far from complete proof.

Therefore, think twice before trusting the service of booking hotels and tickets. Even the best service providers for booking hotels vulnerable to such servers attacks from cyber-experts, and they have done little to plug the gap until their systems and servers.