Tips to help you get the best deals in the rooms at the hotel

Not easy to spend a vacation without spending a lot of money. Therefore, most people rarely travel. The reason is that the hotels are too expensive.
However, we have some tips to help you get the best deal in hotel rooms. These tips can help you save a lot of money and you can spend that money on something that you love. Read on to learn more.
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Check Hotel Reservation

Currently, the Internet made it easier for us all. You can use the Internet to compare prices from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is check out the website of each hotel for comparison. Booking.com can also help you with this.
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This is great if you want to know about the charge different hotels that can help you make a budget choice.
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Please contact the hotel directly

Despite the fact that from the comparison website, you can find great deals, the best – to contact your hotel. You can send them by e-mail or you can call them if you have time.
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Calling the hotel, you can learn about their offers, special packages and discounts, for example. Price you can negotiate, as long as you are not satisfied with the proposal.
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Consider unpopular hotel

Usually, hotels that have a website that ranks high rankings in the search engines are good enough. But if the hotel is not of the first rank on the major search engines, it does not mean that it’s worth a look.
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In fact, some unpopular hotel also offer great deals and plenty of amenities. And the most important thing is that these hotels are much cheaper than popular.

look for coupons
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If you want to save, be sure to check out coupon sites. You can search for a coupon that you can use. It is important to bear in mind that the fine print reading is very important if you want to avoid surprises.
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Check out sites such as Airbnb

Check sites such as Airbnb, may also help. These sites provide lists of local residents who offer apartments for travelers on fair prices. So, if you want to stay somewhere during the holidays, is a good option.
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While this option is cheaper, I know that it will not allow you to enjoy the benefits offered by a good hotel. Moreover, you will have to follow the rules of the apartment owners.
Traveling in the off season

In the offseason, the hotel taryfikuyuts less because customers are not so much. So if possible, you can travel in the off season. In fact, in the off season everything is cheap, including tickets, hotel rooms and more.
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Thus, if you are looking for a cheap room while on vacation, make sure that you perform the troubleshooting tips in this article. Hopefully this will help you save money.
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Guide to Air Travel Packages and Hotel – What a booking strategy right for you?

In assessing the travel package air and hotel, which offers Internet providers, it is important that you have researched all the details before you book. Many of these proposals with the & # 39 are legal and can save. You just need to have time to compare offers and prices, to really get a lot.
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If the airfare and hotel accommodation with the & # 39 is a major problem, you probably do not need the package “all inclusive” if only, does not seem to offer the things you know for sure, for example, fast Wi-Fi and discounts at the restaurant at your favorite restaurant. Some of the “package” of proposals also include car rental, as well as air and hotel. You can on the & # 39; to combine any two or all three if you book your trip online.
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Often it is recommended to wait until the deal at the last minute will be available before you make your reservations. If you do not require a date, it can be a good option for you. However, if you are able to travel on certain dates, it may be a bad idea to take risks. What if the deal at the last minute not because & # 39 will appear, and you are left without reservation as you waited so long?

If you just can not be flexible with your travel dates, pre-book airline tickets and hotel packages in advance – it is reasonable. Find out how much are the costs of travel to destination throughout the year that you are planning to travel. Tourist season Var & # 39; iruetstsa depending on the location, although in the winter months, rates in most places are quite low (except for Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Year).

Enabling and disabling the air bag and hotels

Make sure you know exactly what the package does not include. Even the package “all inclusive” does not cover things such as baggage handling at the airport spa services, events outside the places and sightseeing, as well as gift items. The journal may or may not be included, so read the policy in advance.

Packages for air and hotel, as a rule, have a minimum residency requirements. This can be anywhere from two nights to seven nights. Keep this in mind when we leave the date set in stone, and there is no opportunity for flexibility. Also note that the price that you represent when viewing a tourist package, are usually designed for a man. Do the math to find out if it is really cheaper than buying tickets separately 2+ away.

If you live near the more than one airport, see if there is difference in prices for travel packages to the air and hotel among all the airports where you can easily reach. Even if they are in the same state or region, some packages may be cheaper than others.

The easiest and fastest way to find travel packages to air and hotel – see the online offer. You can also sign up to receive notification of all of the latest proposals for the dream to rest, from cruises to resorts in the Caribbean.

Hotel reservations online – save money with online hotel reservation agencies

The greatest part of the cost of the hotel come to the recreation budget. But if we spend too little, we could eventually dampidny hotel. And find out then what you spent too much on a hotel can make you feel that you are in a landfill. The key to finding high-quality budget hotel or a luxury resort with luxury at a reasonable price – use the services of agents booking hotels on the Internet.

Most people book their rooms directly with the hotels they choose. While you can find attractive prices for a room, most experienced and smart travelers use hotel agency to search for even higher rates. Hotel booking agency engaged in providing and connecting travelers with hotels offering discounts in hotels that are not offered directly by hotels. These agencies have a strong presence on the internet than the hotel that they represent, and thus more able to pass these savings to consumers.

There are many reputed online travel agencies available today. Some are better than others. And we all met at least one of these rollers while watching our favorite television shows. Online travel agencies wonderful and fulfilling their purpose. But if you want the best deals at the hotel you should use a company which is specially engaged in the search for you hotel rooms onlyRather than airline tickets, car rentals and so on.

These companies simply called travel agents hotels. HotelsClub.com, CheapOstay.com and Hotels.com – are just a few names of well-known companies, which connect travelers with discount room rates. Although these agencies are really good, there is still the best way to find the best hotel deals.

To truly find the best price, consider using a specific region Hotel booking agency. For example, a large agency such as Hotels.com, the hotel is around the world. However, since they are not from the & # 39 are specific to the region, they do not have any special knowledge of the regional market of hotels.

Say you want to find a hotel room with a budgetary cost in Bangkok. You should look at Agoda.com. They have an office in Bangkok and, as a rule, can improve the prices for hotels across Asia. Agency local office or even in the region better equipped to offer the best prices, as they specialize in this geographical location. First, they report about special prices for the hotel, because there is no time to communicate with agencies outside Asia.

US hotels try Priceline.com. You guessed it, of Priceline.com in the US, so of course, they are better suited to accommodate the rooms with the rates that you can afford.

Search local agency for booking hotels in the country you are visiting – is the key to finding the best prices for guest houses, hostels, villas, islands and, of course, a room where you plan to travel.

Disadvantages of online booking portals tourism

Internet portal for travel allows the client to find a different destination information related to the location, availability, price comparison and booking of hotels, or when they are looking for any package, they can also be found using the booking of various holiday. The traveler can enjoy a fast and efficient search travel needs via Internet portals. Before the invention of the Internet people have visited travel agents and tour operators for their hotel booking, booking tours or car. But what I saw that although the Internet portals of tourism offer this option, which is available to the end customer, it still can not attract the maximum number of targeted audiences. We will discuss that those disadvantages travel portals below.

1] Limited options: travel agents that offer good prices, can not have an Internet travel booking engine, where the customer can directly book your tickets and receive confirmation.

2] real-time confirmation: Many tour operators systems allow customers to book online, but do not offer confirmation in real time.

3] Hidden fees and safety: travel agents and tour operators, they often advertise low rates to attract customers, but then charge some hidden fees. Booking online travel required to pay a certain amount to pay in advance, which threatens the client through a dangerous website.

4] Paid Advertising: Booking online is rarely gives the customer the opportunity to speak with someone about the service. Maybe, if the client will find reviews on travel agents and online supplier's website, but you can never be sure whether it is real or paid advertising.

5] Specific Requirements: Customer: can not confirm specific requirements, making online reservations through the hotel reservation system.

Benefits of direct online booking of hotels

Over the past few years, the hotel industry experienced a sharp increase, as millions of hotel hotels offer their guests online bookings. Reservations in hotels on the internet has become a very popular way of booking rooms in hotels, because travelers from around the world can book rooms with the comfort of his home. Primarily, there are two ways that you can make an online booking, namely – Online travel agencies (OTA) and book directly with the hotel.

OTA provides travelers with a wide range of accommodation options, allowing them to make an informed decision by comparing the prices and number of different hotels. Some of the popular OTA include Expedia, Travelocity, MakeMyTrip, etc. OTA provides pictures of hotels and rooms, information about prices and deals, surveys of travelers, etc., which makes it much easier to make reservations.

However, despite the fact that the presence of OTA can be very useful; You can not ignore the importance of booking directly on the hotel website. Direct booking at the hotels attracts frequent, loyal leisure and managed business travelers, who are engaged in the schedule and convenience. Websites hotel provides the audience with a greater persanalizavanastsyu and loyalty, whereas OTA calls for different types of travelers, such as frequent travelers, tourists who travel very few trips a year, and are more sensitive to prices.

A recent study conducted in 2008, shows that only 39% of sales on the Internet through online travel agencies (OTA), and the remaining 61% – directly on the hotel website. It is obvious that the percentage of visitors who make a reservation online through the OTA, less than half compared with the orders made directly on the hotel website.

An increasing number of hotels are now have their own websites, they are situated booking engine that allows people to book rooms in real time. Thus, gatelshchyki can sell their property directly with their guests through their sites.

Here are some advantages of Direct Bookings Hotel:

  • Increase profits by eliminating 20-30% commissions that are charged via the intermediate sales channels
  • Price controls for numbers and an increase in the number of reservations from your own website
  • Manage all clients via purchases, booking and after staying
  • To provide a comprehensive offer of options, including restaurants, gyms, spas and other amenities
  • Offer guests all the photos, video and complete description of the hotel
  • Offer the best price and the price at no extra charge for booking
  • Provide travelers with confidence that the book will not be lost between the intermediary sales and hotel

One big reason that most customers use the hotel website to book this is what the hotel significantly improved their websites providing better navigation, design and content. Thanks to the fully integrated online booking mechanism, located on the hotel's website, which provides a solution to a real-time, multi-lingual and multi-currency solution, wide range of payment options and high safety standards. strengthening loyalty.

What to consider when booking a hotel in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, the most populous district of New York (NY), with & # 39 is a favorite tourist destination for many people around the world. District does not hesitate to stand out from the neighboring Manhattan and boasts a vibrant culture and uniqueness. Brooklyn represents the ideal combination of crop and famous landmarks. A walk through the famous Brooklyn Bridge, a journey into a landscaped park avenues, Brooklyn Museum, Island Horses, green trees and a cemetery, etc.

To ensure a comfortable trip to Brooklyn, you need to select and book a hotel in Brooklyn that matches your account and taste. It can be a daunting task, since the town is provided with a number of luxury, butsichnyh and budget hotels that fit your travel needs, whether it's the trio to meet or business trip. Even if you are on vacation in Manhattan, you can easily choose to be in Brooklyn, because Brooklyn hotels are cheaper than their equivalents in Manhattan. Two of the key factors that you must consider before booking a hotel in Brooklyn – is the hotel's proximity to major attractions and prices.

The hotel is in an easy place to study

This factor is especially important if you are in a meeting or a family trip with the main intention to explore the beauty and sights of Brooklyn. If you choose a hotel, "Brooklyn" in the immediate vicinity of the places that you want to learn, it will save you time on the road. There is a walking distance from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Park avenues, which are located in central Brooklyn. There is a nice boutique and luxury hotels that are located in close proximity to the highway Brooklyn-Queens.

If you plan to explore Manhattan hotels which are located close to the city of Long Island, Queens Head, can be an excellent choice. Despite the fact that these hotels do not have enough pulsatsyynaga place, you will just a few blocks from several metro stations, to make an easy trip to Manhattan. There are many hotels that are within walking distance of several eateries, lounges, shopping places, government and corporate offices. Corporate travel can be convenient to choose a hotel, which is located in close proximity to the corporate offices.

Hotel that fits your bill

Brooklyn boasts a number of luxury hotels and the rich, who elegantly luxurious and less expensive boutique hotel for travelers who are considering budget. Top luxury hotels in Brooklyn will be less expensive than comparable hotel rooms in Manhattan. The town is a variety of rooms – from well-known brand hotels, boutique hotels, and breakfasts and lunches. Most high-end hotel is conveniently located, as adding.

A luxury hotel with a varied selection of rooms offer the perfect combination of relaxation and comfort and excellent facilities. The rooms are designed with elegant colors and elegance to evoke a sense of pride clients. It will also be posted to places such as restaurants, spa, massage rooms, a gym. Most have a business center top hotels hotels, which allows business travelers to manage some work out of the office.

If you budget a client, you can save a lot of property, throwing two stars by the hotel in Brooklyn. If you think you can avoid a flat-screen TV or a hot tub, choose less expensive boutique hotels, which combine smart, clean and fresh design with expert service. Hotel "Brooklyn," which you choose, whether it is "ultra-luxury hotel" or boutique hotel medium, Brooklyn never make your trip an enjoyable experience.

Booking of hotels on the Internet – where to find a reliable company to book a room at a discount hotel

When it comes to finding the best deals at the hotel on the Internet, we often see a lot of sites that advertise a last-minute hotel deals and deep discounts in prices for rooms that are not to be missed. They are too good to be true? Maybe. But the real true key to finding the best hotels – booking company based in the place where you plan to go.

There are many hotel reservation agencies specializing in the global hotel market. And many of them – are excellent companies that have a good reputation in the travel industry, such as orbitz.com or travelocity.com, and its cute mascot roaming. But they do not necessarily get the best rooms for you.

If you really want to find a hotel booking agency on the Internet with the best prices on a number, you have to find a local company that deals specifically market hotels in the region.

Take, for example, if you want to book a hotel in Singapore. Hotels there can be very expensive, even budget. However, if you use the services of a company such as Agoda.com is, which has an office in Singapore, you will probably get higher prices for hotels, compared with the popular global company such as hotels.com.

Another striking example of the & # 39 is Rakuten Travel Inc., another power plant in the Japanese hotel market. Rakuten, obviously, headquartered in Japan, and thus, you will have a much better chance to lower themselves to the low prices for hotels in Japan, passing through them.

Finally, one of the most visited countries in the world – the United States. For locals and foreigners who wish to stay in any point of the United States of America, I urge CheapOstay, because they consistently offer exclusive hotel deals in popular states like Florida, New York and California.

Finally, online hotel booking through an agency, usually gives you the best deals compared to booking through the hotel directly. Agency booking online hotels mentioned here, cooperate with local hotels to help reach a broader base of travelers. Because these agencies have a large presence on the Internet, they are better able to accommodate the hotel in the broader market.

Important things to consider when choosing a hotel

The choice of hotel to stay – this is one of the most important decisions you make when planning a trip. This can be difficult, especially when sending to an unknown destination. Excellent choice can help make the trip more exciting, and bad choices can ruin the trip. Below we discuss five main factors that you should consider before reservation.

cost of

Selecting a hotel that fits your budget travel – is a key factor. This will help you save some costs, if well thought out. Hotel prices depend on the location, type of the hotel (a luxury or budget hotel), as well as services. With the right research, you can get a good deal in top hotels (especially if they offer a discount).


Many questions arise when considering the location of the hotel. Or close this place to your main reasons for the journey? It's in a safe place? What is the traffic in the area? What are the tourist attractions around the area? Are there any medical centers around? All these questions and more need to be answered correctly in order to make sure that you are close to everything that you will need for the duration of your stay.

Services / Facilities

This is one of the important factors that must be considered, as this will help you understand what services are available at the hotel compared to what you need. Therefore it helps to avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, it would be frustrating to find out that there is no Wi-Fi and connect to the Internet, especially for those who are on a business trip. How about to learn, you may need a joint bathroom or some other amenities.


Getting the real value of the money spent can be done by comparing the different prices at the same time. You can ask for discounts and other lucrative offers to save money. In addition to consideration for the hotel price, you can also learn about services that add value added, such as a laundry / dry cleaning services, Internet access services for the extension number, etc.


Reading the experience of others, living in any of the hotels that you are considering will help to confirm the quality and level of the hotel. Although you can not rely solely on this factor, more often these reviews with a & # 39 are honest and vital resources they need when choosing a hotel. These reviews will help you answer questions such as clean rooms in the hotel are air conditioned, as friendly customer service and whether the food in the restaurant helpful.

If you consider these five factors before you book a hotel for the next trip, I'm sure you will not be disappointed with your choice.

Where to find the best hotel in the Internet

You are going on a trip? There are many things to consider when making a hotel reservation. There is an actual location of the hotel, its accessibility to public transport, close to the sites that you want to visit the hotel reviews also play a big factor, and, of course, it will be the price.

Fortunately, now available via the Internet. We have compiled a list of online travel agencies offering accommodation in different prices. Thus, whether you are a tourist or vacationer, we have embraced!

1. Booking.com

Booking.com takes pleasure in 2014 in the 1st place of leading travel agencies in the world (according Skift). They provide different types of accommodation of high quality hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms. Assessment of clients displayed on the website, and you can search for hotels depending on your budget, and most of the transactions is offering free cancellation.

2. Expedia.com

Expedia company recently, which was launched in 1996, has acquired "Orbitz" – another travel agency. Hotel booking – this is only part of the Expedia businesses, since they also book your airline tickets, cruises and even car rentals. You can earn & # 39; Awards & # 39; to obtain the map Expedia +. They also regularly have secret deals and discount coupons for those looking for a bargain.

3. Agoda.com

The only travel agency based in Asia (Singapore), which became part of the leading online agency in the world. Agoda.com is constantly increasing its customer base by offering rooms in their "Best Price Guarantee", as well as dedicated "flash sale". Hotel Accommodation Agoda Var & # 39; iruetstsa from luxury hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, to the resorts.

4. Tripadvisor.com

While Tripadvisor.com – is, first of all, the review site, they also offer the possibility to book a hotel. Currently, the site is in the top 2 in the list of the world's leading travel agencies in the world, as reported Skift. What is nice is that when you read the various proposals of accommodation, you can see a comparison of prices with other sites that offer the same hotel. Usually on tripadvisor.com prices are falling, so you get the best deal. In addition, the reviews that you have created is very useful.

5. Hotels.com

You can book your stay at the hotel on Hotels.com for more than 325,000 hotels worldwide. His inventory also includes breakfast, a hotel and even some apartments. They have a lot of guests are in for a long time, called "Hotels.com Rewards". Guests staying at least 10 nights, receive a discount on the next booking.

6. BedandBreakfast.com

BedandBreakfast.com – a special website that has been around for over 20 years. The site has hot deals and a special area for diamond Inns The collections, which are located in a luxurious bed and breakfast.

7. Hostels.com

Speaking of the "great deals on hostels everywhere," the site has 33,000 hostels. And if you have signed up to participate in SmartSavers campaign, you hardly get braniravalnuyu fee. Ideal for those who are in the budget, so many options available on this website.

Need a hotel tonight? Read this first

If you travel regularly, you will agree that traveling can be one of the most energetic efforts in life. Unfortunately, it can also be filled with verses of & # 39; serious mistakes, and if you try to book a hotel tonight, you probably feel something energetic. You're probably a little panic, because you really do not know, can really happen hotel reservations. Although the good news is – it could be real.

The first step in trying to find a hotel tonight – is an understanding that things could go wrong, how you want. Once this feeling attacked you, it is time to make a plan of attack. In the end, you're traveling and any seasoned traveler knows that you need to go for a trip with a certain plan.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Tech-Savviness – is the name of the game – Take some time out of the games on your phone and try to get in a lot of applications for travel aimed at one thing – to find the murder at the killer at great prices. On the & # 39; the amount of flexibility for travel in these applications allows you to do this, where you can handle the whole process of booking your fingers.

Do not be that guy " – So, you found out that it was necessary to book a hotel room in a matter of hours. Do you have an application on your mobile device to find you a lot, and when everything seems to be tired out, you are not satisfied with the booking at 100%. Do you have a place to relax, but you do with & # 39; a sticker, so you call the hotel and decide that you want to throw your weight around as a consumer. Do not be "that guy." Due to the timing with which you pratsuete, be flexible with your needs against the wishes of the reservation.

Hotels Still Matter – At the moment the hotel is not the only player in the game. Real estate for rent, motels, highways and luxury condominiums are trying to start a business. This means that you have plenty of options, which is suitable for consumers. This can be very attractive to go into a fashionable way to stay, but remember that you are trying to book a room for a few hours, knowing that you need. Making work work for guests – this is what hotels are best to do, so go with the pros.

Thus, you hope that today the hotel reservation will have what you need for a comfortable stay, for the price. You can book with less than twenty-four hours are reports that, as a rule, can be an impossible task. It is good that the tourism industry has been at the forefront of technologies that help consumers get the most out of travel. Travel to the last minute is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary to understand that this may not work. However, be careful traveler can the difference between what you get where you want to be or by boring Emojis, commenting on all the fun that you have missed.

As Internet travel agencies affect the industry of hotels and recreation

If you have planned and booked a couple of places on the Internet, whether on holiday or a business trip, you will probably come across some online travel agencies (GTR), for example, companies such as Agoda, Trip Advisor, Expedia & Booking.com. These OTA have been around since the late '90s and early 2000s, and every year they grow in size, strength and popularity, so in today's online market, you literally are largely unable to avoid them, if you book the any. kind of kinds of travel on the Internet; anything from hotels, villas and rooms for cars and bicycles, as well as flights – you will always see a few OTA on Google's first results page, as well as the dominant position of Google adspace. Of course, with the increase in the size of the travel agents monsters growing concern on the part of owners of hotels, car rental companies and other businesses that need to capture more of a direct order to avoid complete or nearly complete, depending on the booking portals third parties. . The reason for concern, of course, if due to the loss of profits that the company must take upon receipt of orders from the booking agents and not directly from consumers; Var bit rate & # 39; iruyutstsa depending on each agency, although it will never be so small in%, it has no significant impact on the "bottom line" providers. For example, hotel owners and property required to pay between 15-35% commission to the OTA for any booking received, usually depends on the location of real estate / property, as well as the number of rooms they have listed within. OTA (the more numbers they list, the less the commission% they will pay OTA).

With the high costs arising from the partnership with the OTA, you can afford to think: "Why hotels and resorts continue to hope for other agents on booking, if they can obtain greater profits from receiving direct orders?" This is something that all providers will stay to consider and reflect on themselves and discuss with their teams, and in fact, the answer to the fact that most of them are now in a position where they simply can not live without OTA booking. If the hotel or resort is not one of those who themselves became so famous and so popular that they can successfully complete their rooms all year round, this is the case, if they are relevant to OTA or more, so that they can survive. In fact, even with well-known and popular hotels and resorts, which I have in mind will be the low season and other times and occasions when your reservation will be low and there is a need for more exposure to book rooms / villas; so in fact the partnership with OTA is now a & # 39 is a must for all companies engaged in the business for the rest.

Where did these come OTA and to whom do they belong?

If we talk about the OTA, most people will draw a few companies that are actually from the & # 39 are the main & # 39; major players & # 39; that have a very aggressive marketing activities to ensure that almost all travelers often see their brands and shares, both online and offline. Four most famous OTA with & # 39 are Expedia, TripAdvisor, Agoda & Booking.com; This room reservation platform, which create the greatest shift in the market, and those that will be included in the list of owners of hotels for cooperation. Of these four agencies of the oldest & # 39 are Expedia, which was created by a small department at Microsoft in 1996, followed by Booking.com, occurred in Amsterdam in 1996. Tourists adviser came later in 2000, which was set up with a small office in Massachusetts, USA, and last but not least, came Agoda's, established in 2002 and was held in Bangkok, Thailand. In fact, almost all the major OTA platforms and online booking is now owned by only two major organizations that are monsters size; Expedia Inc – is one group of Priceline.

So to answer the original question of this post, which asked the question of how Otto affect the reservation industry residential buildings; for the consumer it just makes everything available for all rooms, and the user experience has been significantly improved, because it was much easier and more efficient to compare different places. In addition, with the additional benefit to be able to check reviews on each site before making your reservation, is another positive change that consumers can enjoy. For accommodation providers on the other hand, it has had some negative effects, as well as some positive. The Commission and the additional costs of accommodation of the best sites in the network OTA Hold the income that can receive owners of real estate, but, on the other hand, for many hotels, resorts and other providers of housing, which can access to the list within the Web sites OTA means that they can now get a room booked at the same time and their brand / accommodation are "on the map", so to speak, and as long as they provide good facilities at a good price, efficient service, so they can grow over time due subtree pits, which they receive from their partners in the OTA.

Overall, I think OTA is positive for the industry.

Checklist hotels – 15 things you need to consider when booking a room

Provided training that come with traveling out of town, whether for leisure or for business, knowing what to look at the design of the hotel can facilitate reservations.

I picked up a few general questions that you should ask yourself when choosing which hotel best fits your needs. While everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to housing type, this list should take care most.

1] How far is the hotel from the local attractions?

Depending on the reason for visiting the city or town, you can check out the local attractions and restaurants. When booking is always nice to ask, they are close to the main attractions or to the fact that you are interested. If it is near the road, you will either have to arrange a taxi, public transport or rent a car. Remember that with a rental car, you can add the expense of parking.

2] whether there are rooms for non-smokers and non-smokers?

If you have chickens or do not want, you want, that you were in a room that meets your needs. At the present time it does not offer any smoking rooms in some hotels, and those who still do sometimes prescribe one or two floors for smoking.

3] What are the times of departure and check-out?

Most hotels of the departure time will be from 10 am to 13:00, and the check may be different. Many of the hotels promise to hold only a specific number of nights booked time and can give it to another customer, if you're not there for a while. It is always interesting to know whether there is a policy of the hotel you choose, and explain your situation, if necessary.

4] What is parking?

There is a charge? All hotels have a parking lot of variety. In the big cities, where space is high, parking can be underground garages, and can only have a limited number of seats. It is always interesting to know what parking fees. There is one flat rate for your stay? Daily rates? If the prices seem a little high, you can look at any public parking, next to the one that allows the parking lot at night, in some cases it may be cheaper, but not as safe and protected as usual parking at the hotel.

5] Is there room service?

If you stay for the night, likely you will eat. Knowing whether there are in your hotel restaurant and / or room service can save you a lot of time.

6] There is a pool and gym on the site?

Although it is not the most important issue when searching for a place to relax, but if you adhere to workout routines, or are traveling with children, the pool or exercise can significantly change the quality of your visit.

7] offers hotel discounts or loyalty programs?

Many credit card or auto club programs such as C.A.A. / A.A.A. Make a deal with hotel chains around the world that allow members receive a discount when making a reservation. If you are a & # 39; a member of any of these clubs, it would be a good idea to see if they are associated with any popular chain hotel of the city in which you are traveling.

8] We need a deposit? If yes, how many?

Almost every hotel requires a credit card number when booking. However, the difference lies in the fact that some of them will collect a deposit to the card, while others check only the authenticity of the card. A deposit is usually paid after a & # 39; Congress, but for people who are traveling on a tight budget, it can make a difference. Always find out how much will be charged for the deposit, if you can book a room, and you can plan your finances in advance.

9] Are there activities for children, such as games room, playground or arcade?

It looks like the pool mentioned earlier, activity centers such as playgrounds, arcades and even water parks, can change the world's attention when traveling with children.

10] offers high-speed internet access Hotel?

If you are already traveling with a laptop, you know how important this is. Some hotels are not yet fully connected to high speed internet and therefore can not offer it at all. Some of them have a wireless connection only in the lobby or at another designated place, while others still charge a service in the room, if any. If you like to browse the Internet than it is important to check.

11] hotel offers breakfast? If so, this is a continental?

There is breakfast included in the price of your room, or you will have to agree to go to a restaurant for breakfast. Within a few days it can really add money wise and always good to check. In some places can not be breakfast, but offer coupons for local establishments for discounts on food, including breakfast.

12] The rooms have a refrigerator or microwave?

If you want to save on food and bring food, make sure that there is a way to keep this food in the room. You will need to find out whether there are additional changes to it.

13] The room has an iron and ironing board?

Again, not necessarily the most important issue, but if you are traveling on business, it can always save time and money if you iron your own shirts and trousers. If not, you can see if the hotel is in the dry cleaning.

14] Is there access for the disabled?

Obviously, this is only necessary for those who have special needs, but some hotels still do not have facilities for people with disabilities, and some that may still not be sufficient for your needs. It's always a good idea to check how the hotel is suitable for what you need.

15] Is there a deluxe or family size?

If you are traveling with your family & # 39; it, or are looking for the absolute best when it comes to the benefits of creatures, you can ask family or deluxe rooms. Usually they will have several bedrooms, a broader view and other benefits, which usually do not come with an average hotel room. Not all hotels offer this service, and if you make a reservation, you can confirm that the number you get, really the one that you want or need.